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ABB Insulation monitoring relay CM-IWN.1

ABB Insulation monitoring relay CM-IWN.1

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ABB measuring and monitoring relays.
Measuring and monitoring relays monitor and detect operating conditions with
regard to phase, current, voltage, frequency, temperature, liquid level or insulation
faults. The relays inform users about abnormal conditions and allow them to take
necessary corrective actions before severe and costly failures can occur. Depending
on the product model, measuring and monitoring relays are categorized into seven
product families.

For the monitoring of currents and voltages in single-phase AC/DC systems, ABB
CM-range contains a wide selection of powerful and compact devices, all in an only
22.5 mm wide housing. This product range includes current and voltage monitoring
relays for over- and undercurrent and voltage protection from 3 mA to 15 A, and
from 3 V to 600 V.

For the monitoring of voltages in a three-phase system or network, ABB CM range
contains a wide selection of powerful and compact devices. This product range
includes voltage monitoring relays for phase sequence, phase loss, unbalance and
monitoring of over- and under voltage from 160 V to 820

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