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ABB Marine MultifunctionTime Relay CT-MVS.22S 2c/o 0.05s-300h

ABB Marine MultifunctionTime Relay CT-MVS.22S 2c/o 0.05s-300h

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ABB Time relays
Have the perfect timing- everywhere
Available in three different ranges to cover every application, the CT range time relays
are used to provide reliable timing functions worldwide. In both industrial and
building applications, the time relays of the CT range have proven their excellent functionality in daily use under the toughest conditions.Choose ABB as the partner for all your low voltage timing control needs to leverage our wide variety of product options. From economic to high-end solutions the range offers maximum value. Time relays are found everywhere, for example in air conditioning systems, heaters and fans in industrial and in residential buildings. On-delay, off-delay and a range of other functions cover all requirements.

CT-C: the compact range
The CT-C range combines lower cost with higher valueal types, with timing
functions that range from 0.05 seconds to 100 hours. Equipped with a wide
voltage range, the CT-C range is suitable for a huge variety of applications

CT-S: the high-performance range
The advanced CT-S range is ABB universal range of electronic timers. It includes
22 single-function devices and 16 multifunction time relays, offering flexibility in
operation with up to 13 functions. The devices feature seven or ten time ranges,
adjustable from 0.05 seconds to 300 hours. Additionally, every device is available
in two different connection technologies: familiar double-chamber cage connection
terminals (screw terminals) and ABB vibration-resistant Easy Connect technology (push-in termi

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