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ABB AF Contactors Accessories Electronic timers TP40IA

ABB AF Contactors Accessories Electronic timers TP40IA

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AF contactors for motor starting
and power switching up to 2650 A
The latest technology of electronically controlled coil is our standard. It offers
multiple benefits over conventional alternatives, and together with ABB's wide
product offering, it is an optimal configuration, every time.

Cut your costs
With its contactor and motor protection range, ABB has managed to reduce the
number of contactor coils to just four.Total number of product variants has been
reduced by up to 90%. This simplifies the customers' logistics while cutting storage
and administration costs.

Secure uptime
Prevent stoppages caused by voltage fluctuations. The AF contactor ensures
distinct operation in unstable networks and signifies a major advance in motor control and power switching. Voltage sags, dips and surges pose no threat. The AF contactor secures your uptime.

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